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Stop Getting HURT

Start Getting STRONG

Take the guesswork out of the gym experience with the coaching that has not only taken clients from novices to world stages, but also helped hundreds of people get back into the gym pain free.

Why should you train with me?

  • 10 years in the business with nearly 20,000 hours of coaching experience at every level
  • Specializing in getting you stronger while helping you overcome chronic pain
  • Compassionate accountability
  • Fun, focused, safe workouts
  • So you can fire Coach YouTube, actually know what you're doing AND why you're doing it!

Michelle Green

2x IPL Worlds Competitor

264lb squat, 154lb bench, 341lb deadlift @ 123lbs

"He took me under his wing and taught me everything I needed to know. We’ve been working together for the past 5 years and he’s been the best mentor, coach, and friend I could have ever asked for. He now coaches me online and it’s been working out wonderfully! I will say this, his workouts will leave you feeling soreeee for days! But a good kind of sore 😝 The pain is worth the gains because I’ve become so much stronger in the past few years than I could ever possibly imagine!!"


Josh Earnest

USPA National Champion 2019

755lb squat, 501lb bench press, 716lb deadlift @ SHW (raw division)

"Within the first 6 months of working with Clay he was able to bring my total up 88lbs from 852.5kg to 892kg. Clay was always able to make the appropriate adjustments in order to get the most out of each lift and work around any soreness or injury. Working with Clay has always stood by his clients and gone above and beyond just the typical programming or coach."


Syon Shaddox

Powerlifting Coach

"I worked alongside Clay for several years at a gym he owned in Santa Cruz, California. Along with day to day operation of the business, Clay also ran a very busy personal training business, working with a wide array of clients from powerlifters to senior citizens and everyone in between. I’ve observed Clay to be very engaging and invested in his clients’ progress. It never seemed like just a job to him as he was meticulous and thorough in managing every aspect of their workouts and overall wellness. Because of his extensive experience and knowledge, I would not hesitate recommending Clay to train personal friends or family members."

Want to know what to do when we're not training together?

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About Clay Edgin

I've been a trainer, gym owner, gym consultant, and competitive lifter for almost 20 years. I've competed in over 90 competitions in 6 countries.

My clients have competed in 6 IPL Powerlifting World Championships, 3 Amateur Strongman Nationals, 4 Powerlifting Nationals, 3 CrossFit Games, 2 Masters IWF Weightlifting Championships, and the Olympic Trials.

More importantly, I've amassed nearly 20,000 hours of one on one in person coaching experience with hundreds of clients just looking to get out of pain and get stronger.

Now, in my forties, that experience has turned into an obsession to learn how to get the most out of every body through responsible programming, a sharp eye for movement, and an approach to strength training focused on longevity in the gym.

I've already done all the work to separate the bullshit from the real shit in order to give you the most relevant, rewarding, and FUN gym experience possible.

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